Vertigo is having a sensation of spinning of either the surrounding or within oneself but physical movement does not exist.

It may be secondary to different causes that may be determined by numerous factors eg timing and duration, aggravating conditions or associated symptoms.
Central vertigo originates from the central nervous system (brainstem or cerebellum). It is uncommon but more serious and should be ruled out immediately.
Peripheral vertigo originates from the labyrinth or vestibular nerve.

Vertigo Drug Information

Drug Information

Indication: Traditionally used to improve blood circulation.

Indication: Cerebral circulatory insufficiency & its functional manifestation (memory loss, decrease in intellectual c...

Indication: Peripheral neuropathies. Megaloblastic anemia due to vit B12 deficiency.

Indication: Vertigo & dizziness associated w/ Meniere's disease & syndrome & peripheral vertigo.

Indication: Symptomatic treatment for upper resp tract & skin allergic conditions eg, allergic rhinitis, urticaria &am...

Indication: Symptomatic treatment of allergic conditions of the upper resp tract & skin including allergic rhinitis, u...

Indication: Cerebral circulatory insufficiency & its functional manifestation. (memory loss, decrease in intellectual ...

Indication: Traditionally used to improve blood circulation & for general well-being.

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