Product Highlight - VAXIGRIP TETRA

22 Dec 2022
Product Highlight - VAXIGRIP TETRA
• Protect your patients against influenza now**
• VaxigripTetra is indicated for active immunisation of adults, including pregnant women, and children from 6 months of age1
• Provides passive protection for newborns up to 6 months of age*1
• Subcutaneous and intramuscular mode of administration1
• Space-saving and eco-friendly packaging with anti-counterfeit features2

1. VaxigripTetra Singapore prescribing information.
2. Sanofi Pasteur. Compact box.

*Not all infants less than 6 months of age born to women vaccinated during pregnancy may be protected
** Protective antibody levels will be reached after 2-3 weeks1. For healthcare professionals only. MAT-MY-2200499-1.0-06/2022

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