Rifabutin okay to use with tenofovir alafenamide in HIV patients

17 Oct 2020
Rifabutin okay to use with tenofovir alafenamide in HIV patients

Administering rifabutin with tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) does not affect the latter’s absorption in the gut, with a recent study showing that HIV patients taking both drugs stay virally suppressed.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of 22 HIV patients (median age, 37 years; 27.3 percent female) on TAF 25 mg daily. All patients were given rifabutin simultaneously for a median of 34.2 weeks to treat mycobacterial infection.

The primary outcome of viral suppression (HIV viral load <200 copies/ml [cpm]) was maintained in four out of five patients, who already had a viral load of <200 cpm at baseline, at 1 month after the start of TAF-rifabutin coadministration.

Meanwhile, of the 17 patients with viral load >200 cpm at baseline, 15 (88.2 percent) achieved viral suppression after a mean of 53 days.

Of the three patients who did not achieve or maintain viral suppression, two discontinued therapy on their own while the third patient was lost to follow-up.

The present data suggest that TAF-rifabutin coadministration is effective, despite concerns that rifabutin could reduce TAF absorption, the researchers noted.

Further studies are needed to assess pharmacokinetics and establish that TAF-containing HIV regimens can be indeed administered with rifabutin, they added.

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