Product Highlight - Spiolto Respimat

01 May 2018
Product Highlight - Spiolto  Respimat
SPIOLTO RESPIMAT - Tiotropium 2.5 mcg, Olodaterol 2.5 mcg inhalation soln - Boehringer Ingelheim

The Only LAMA/LABA with the active ingredient of SPIRIVA inside (Tiotropium)
Start SPIOLTO RESPIMAT early for your patients
• Starts working within 5 minutes after the first dose1
• Improves lung function, lasts for 24 hours1,2
• Consistently reduces the need for rescue medication beyond SPIRIVA7
• Contains SPIRIVA which has unsurpassed long-term data in EXACERBATION3
• Respimat is designed for deep lung deposition4-6 and all your patients need to do
  is breathe in naturally7

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Further information is available in section 3b and
Full prescribing information is available upon request.

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