Product Highlight – Esbriet

12 Apr 2017
Product Highlight – Esbriet
ESBRIET – Pirfenidone 267 mg hard cap – Roche
  • 48% relative risk reduction in mortality at 1 year with Esbriet vs placebo.(1-3)
  • Extend life expectancy by 3 years in a lifetime disease model compared to best supportive care.(4)
  • The only approved IPF treatment without a special warning or precaution in patients at higher CV risk or with known risk for bleeding.(1)
  1. Esbriet Pack insert for Malaysia (MyEsbriet1016_CDS7.0).
  2. Integrated Summary of Efficacy 2014. Data on file.
  3. King Te et al. N Engl J Med 2014; 370: 2083-2092.
  4. Nathan et al. Thorax 2016; (5): 429-35.
Further information is available in section 12c, New In This Issue and
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