Product Highlight - CARIVALAN

17 Jun 2022
Product Highlight - CARIVALAN
The 1st Single Pill Combination of Carvedilol and Ivabradine for Heart Failure1

• Provides better relief from Heart failure symptoms leading to better quality of life compared to Carvedilol alone.1

• Provides lesser risk of heart failure hospitalization and mortality compared to Carvedilol+placebo.2

• Excellent tolerability profile with more affordable price compared to separate pills of Carvedilol and Ivabradine.3

1 Volterrani M et al. Int. J Cardiol. 2011; 151 (2):218-224,
2Bocchi EA et al. Cardiology.2015; 131 (4): 218-224,
3Mercury drug price survey June 2021

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