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01 Sep 2018

Gangliosides and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) play critical roles in early childhood brain development. 

Guidelines launched for diabetes in pregnancy

Rachel Soon
Medical Writer
07 Jun 2018

For the first time, healthcare professionals may now refer to the Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy for treatment options.

Compiled by the Malaysian Endocrine and Metabolic Society (MEMS) and launched at the recent MEMS Annual Congress in Kuala Lumpur, the evidence-based CPG was developed by a multidisciplinary team which included family medicine specialists, obstetricians, endocrinologists, a dietitian and a pharmacist.

The CPG includes various recommendations on the diagnosis, investigations and treatment options of diabetes in pregnancy that are currently available in the country; various algorithms, tables, figures and appendices are presented for better understanding of the target users.

According to the MEMS CPG committee, implementation strategies such as a quick reference and a training module have also been developed to improve the utilisation of the CPG. These documents have been made accessible on websites by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Academy of Medicine and MEMS so as to facilitate access to as many people as possible across the country.

The risks of diabetes among women of reproductive age have become a growing concern. In 2015, the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) showed an estimated 17.5% prevalence of diabetes in adults older than 18 years. Prevalence generally increased with age: from 5.5% in those 18 to 19 years old, reaching a peak of 39.1% among those 70 to 74 years old. In addition, a general higher prevalence was observed in women (18.3%) over men (16.7%).

According to the National Obstetric Registry Report 2011-2012, the prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus—based on selected public tertiary hospitals—ranged between eight to nine percent, with those of Indian ethnicity observed to have a higher prevalence than other ethnic groups.

In both 2011 and 2012, approximately 16% of babies born to diabetic mothers weighed four kilos or more. In addition, a 2-fold increase in macrosomia in babies of patients with diabetes was observed compared with those of patients without diabetes, which could have contributed to increased caesarean section rates versus previous years.

“The MAC conference this year serves as a platform for the launching of the Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy,” said a committee representative. “This is a much-awaited CPG and hopefully it will help the clinicians managing diabetes cases in pregnancy according to latest current evidence within available resources.”

Endocrinology conference enters 9th year

Organized annually to encourage scientific research and foster local and regional collaboration, the MEMS Annual Congress (MAC) entered its 9th iteration this year with the theme “Evolving Towards Excellence in Endocrinology”. Delegates comprising general practitioners, medical officers and specialists were present for insights into the latest research, developments and treatments in the field of diabetes and endocrinology.

MEMS actively organises courses and conferences in collaboration with other bodies in the field of diabetes and endocrinology. The society also supports public programmes to increase the awareness of diabetes.

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Most Read Articles
01 Sep 2018

Gangliosides and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) play critical roles in early childhood brain development.