Product Highlight - Ensure Gold

17 Jun 2022
Product Highlight - Ensure Gold
Per serving: Protein 10.5 g, Fat 8.48 g, carbohydrate 34.19 g, fiber (FOS) 2.4 g, CaHMB* 740 mg. Osmolarity: 445 mOsm/L.

Indication: Sole source of nutrition or meal supplement suitable for elderly w/ malnutrition or at risks of malnutrition. Use under medical supervision.

Dosage & Administration: Powd Recommended: 2 glasses daily.
Reconstitution: Mix 6 level scoops or 60.6 g w/ 185 mL of clean warm or cool water. Stir until completely dissolve to supply 262 kCal/230 mL & consume w/in 24 hr.
Tube feeding Adjust flow rate, vol & conc according to patient's status as advised by the physician.

* Information based on vanilla flavor. Some minor differences exist between flavors.

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