Treatment Guideline Chart
Tinea capitis lesions are a type of contagious dermatophytosis that are found on the scalp, hair follicles and/or surrounding skin.
It is most common in the crowded areas as infection originates from contact with a pet or an infected person and asymptomatic carriage persists indefinitely.
It primarily affects children 3-7 year of age.
The causative agents are the genus Trichophyton and Microsporum.
Cardinal clinical feature is the combination of inflammation with hair breakage and loss.

Tinea%20capitis%20(pediatric) Management

Follow Up

  • Repeat culture may be considered after 4 weeks in patients with clinical improvement
  • Treatment may be continued for another 2 weeks if follow-up culture result is positive
  • Treatment should be discontinued once with negative culture results
  • For patients with no clinical improvement seen, consider increasing the dose of current agent or to extend duration of therapy, or to switch antifungal agents
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