Treatment Guideline Chart

Tendinopathy is a clinical syndrome characterized by tendon thickening persistent localized tendon pain, swelling, and impaired performance.

It is usually is a temporary condition if treated early but may also be recurrent or chronic, with symptoms lasting over 3 months.

Principles of therapy include identification and elimination of the cause of tendinopathy, behavior modification to minimize or eliminate sources of continuing irritation, and specialist referral for appropriate follow-up care.

Goal of therapy is to reduce pain and to return function.


Tendinopathy Patient Education

Patient Education

  • Patient should understand that tendinopathies are chronic injuries that often require months for complete healing
  • Patience and careful adherence to an active rehabilitation program that requires heavy load exercise implemented in a progressive manner and addressing risk factors are important for a successful treatment
    • Patients should not be discouraged by ongoing symptoms, which usually worsens during the initial stages of exercise therapy
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