Treatment Guideline Chart
Nonallergic rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal lining membranes without any immunoglobulin E mediation, as documented by allergen skin testing.
Major signs and symptoms include nasal itching, watery rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction/congestion, sneezing and postnasal drainage.
Symptoms can reverse spontaneously with or without treatment.

Rhinitis%20-%20nonallergic Management

Avoidance of Triggers

  • Advise patients to avoid precipitating factors or triggers for symptoms (eg environmental and occupational irritants, medications, certain foods)
    • Most patients will have up to moderate symptomatic relief by avoiding triggers and appropriate use of medications
  • Use of masks or protective coverings if exposed to environmental triggers
  • If rhinitis symptoms are not too troublesome for the patient, avoidance alone may be adequate to manage the disease
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