Treatment Guideline Chart
Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal lining membranes.
Allergic rhinitis is most prevalent in childhood and adolescence.
Careful elimination of nonallergic etiologies must be done in preschool children as allergic rhinitis is unusual in <3 years of age.

Rhinitis%20-%20allergic%20(pediatric) Patient Education

Patient Education

  • Provide general information about the disease and available treatments
    • Manage the patient’s and caregiver’s expectations from therapy and explain that a complete cure may not be possible
  • Provide educational materials as necessary
  • Educate both patient and caregiver about the proper use and timing of medications especially during times when allergen exposure is unavoidable
    • Possible side effects should also be advised
    • Concomitant medications should also be reviewed to determine if the patient is taking drugs that may cause oral or nasal dryness
  • Educate the caregiver and the patient, if possible, about the complications of allergic rhinitis (eg otitis media and chronic sinusitis)
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