Treatment Guideline Chart
Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal lining membranes.
Allergic rhinitis is most prevalent in childhood and adolescence.
Careful elimination of nonallergic etiologies must be done in preschool children as allergic rhinitis is unusual in <3 years of age.

Rhinitis%20-%20allergic%20(pediatric) Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis

  • Infectious rhinitis
    • Acute
    • Chronic
  • Irritant rhinitis
    • Chemical
    • Physical
    • Radiation
  • Hyperesthetic non-infectious rhinitis
    • Combined type (nasal hypersensitivity)
      • Allergic (seasonal, perennial)
      • Nonallergic (vasomotor or idiopathic rhinitis, rhinitis with eosinophilia syndrome)
    • Congestive type (cold rhinitis, hormonal rhinitis, medicament rhinitis, pregnant rhinopathia, psychogenic rhinitis)
    • Rhinorrhea type (cold inhalation rhinitis, gustatory rhinitis, senile rhinitis)
    • Dry type (dry nose)
  • Others
    • Atopic rhinitis
    • Specific granulomatous rhinitis
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