Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the accumulation of underdeveloped follicles in the ovaries due to anovulation. It is is characterized by menstrual abnormalities and clinical or biochemical features of hyperandrogenism.
It results mainly from abnormal steroidogenesis that may be caused by insulin resistance leading to hyperinsulinemia.
There is increased sensitivity to androgens and the majority of women have elevated androgen levels.
Drug Information

Indication: Type 2 DM when not adequately controlled by dietary management & exercise alone. Monotherapy or in combina...

Indication: Monotherapy or in combination w/ other oral antidiabetic agents or w/ insulin for type 2 DM in adults when die...

Indication: Reduction in risk or delay of onset of type 2 DM in adults, overwt patients w/ impaired glucose & fasting ...

Indication: 2nd-line therapy when diet, exercise & initial treatment w/ sulfonylureas or metformin results in inadequa...

Indication: Type 2 DM. May be used as monotherapy or in combination w/ other oral antidiabetic agents, or w/ insulin. Adju...

Indication: Initial therapy, as adjunct to diet & exercise, to improve glycaemic control in patients w/ type 2 diabete...

Indication: Anovulation including polycystic ovarian syndrome in women unresponsive to treatment w/ clomifene citrate. Sti...

Indication: Type 2 DM in adults, particularly in overwt patients, when dietary management & exercise alone do not resu...

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