Pancreatic cancer is malignancy arising from the pancreas.
It is the 13th most common cancer in the world, 10th most common in the United States, and 4th leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United Stated and Europe.
Exocrine tumors account for 95% of malignant pancreatic disease.
It is more common in women.
The median age of occurrence is at 71 years old.

Follow Up

  • Assess for suspected recurrence
  • Recommended follow-up schedules:
    • 1st 2 yr: History & physical examination, CA 19-9 & CT scan every 3-6 mth
    • 3rd yr & thereafter: History & physical examination, CA 19-9 & CT scan annually
  • For post-op patients:
    • If w/ elevated serum CA 19-9 levels, serum CA should be measured every 3 mth for 2 yr & abdominal CT scan performed every 6 mth
    • Insulin therapy may be prescribed after total pancreatectomy
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