Treatment Guideline Chart
Ovarian cysts are typically noted after clinical screening or as a result of exam for a suspected pelvic mass, or an incidental finding in investigations done for other reasons.
Often asymptomatic, most ovarian masses manifest with few or mild nonspecific symptoms.
Ovarian masses in women of reproductive age are mostly benign but the risk of malignancy increases with age.
Management of ovarian cysts depends on age, hormonal status and sonographic features.

Ovarian%20mass Treatment


Combination Oral Contraceptives (OCs)

  • Combination OCs do not provide an advantage in the treatment of functional ovarian cysts when compared with expectant management 
    • Studies suggested that expectant management is as effective as hormonal treatment for the resolution of functional ovarian cysts
  • Patients may be offered OCs if they are seeking contraception
  • Estrogen/progestogen therapy may be useful in patients with anovulatory cycles who need OCs to induce the next period
  • Many combination OCs are available. Please see the latest MIMS for specific prescribing information
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