Treatment Guideline Chart
Obesity is a chronic, progressive and relapsing medical condition characterized by the accumulation of abnormal or excessive body fat that impairs health.
Causes of obesity are multifactorial with complex interactions.
Treatment goals include addressing the principal cause of weight gain and focusing management on both weight loss and patient-centered health outcomes.
A multidisciplinary approach, that is a combination of dietary change, physical activity and behavioral modification, is recommended.

Obesity Management

COVID-19 Infection and Obesity

  • Ventilation becomes more difficult in patients with obesity due to reduced lung capacity and reserve  
  • Patients with obesity have an increased risk of developing severe COVID-19 illness and increased risk of hospitalization  
    • An overweight individual’s risk may also be increased
  • During the pandemic, ensure early initiation of obesity prevention and management interventions, make affordable and healthy foods and beverages accessible and have safe places for patients to be physically active  
  • Advise patients on coping strategies to manage stress recognizing the impact of the pandemic on mental health (eg changes in eating or sleep patterns, reduced physical activity, increased smoking or alcohol use)
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