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28 Jun 2019
Whole-brain radiotherapy confers a slight survival benefit for elderly small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastasis unfit for chemotherapy, a recent study has shown.
30 Dec 2019
High-protein intake during the first 28 days after birth appears to improve weight growth in very preterm infants, a recent study has found. No such effect is reported for brain outcomes.
Natalia Reoutova, 27 Jun 2019

Adults who developed multiple sclerosis (MS) in childhood or adolescence had significantly higher odds of impairment and greater decline over time in information-processing efficiency than adults who developed MS later in life, independent of age or disease duration, a large population-based longitudinal cohort study has shown.

Natalia Reoutova, 07 Jan 2020

A large prospective Chinese cohort study has found long sleep duration (≥9 hours/night) and long mid-day napping (>90 minutes) to be significantly associated with a higher risk of ischaemic stroke.