Mumps is a self-limited viral disease characterized by nonsuppurative swelling and tenderness of one or both parotid glands.
It commonly affects the children aged 2-12 years and very uncommon in <1 year of age.
It is caused by a single-stranded RNA virus classified under Paramyxoviridae family or mumps virus.
Transmission is through airborne droplets from respiratory secretion of infected persons.
Incubation period is typically 14-21 days.

Mumps Drug Information

Drug Information

Indication: Pain relief eg, headache, migraine, dental, period, rheumatic & muscular pain & backache. Relieves fev...

Indication: Relief of fever, pain eg, dental pain & headache. Relief of muscle & joint inflammation.

Indication: Analgesic & antipyretic in conditions accompanied by discomfort & fever eg, common cold & other vi...

Indication: Fever, headache, migraine, backache, joint & muscle pain, period & OA pain, toothache, post-op dental ...

Indication: Relief of muscle & joint pain eg, backache, osteoarthritis, muscular aches & pains & rheumatic pai...

Indication: Relief of fever & discomfort associated w/ common cold & flu, relief of teething pain, toothache.

Indication: Temporary relief of headache & pain & discomfort in cold & flu, rheumatic, muscular & neuralgi...

Indication: Panadol Relief of headache, backache, period pain & aches due to cold & flu, pain related to mild arth...

Indication: Relief of headache, fever & mild to moderate pain.

Indication: Relief of fever & discomfort associated w/ common cold & flu. Relief of mild to moderate pain eg, teet...

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