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4 hours ago
Treatment with the combination of vancomycin and piperacillin/tazobactam (VAN + PTZ) appears to be associated with a greater prevalence of acute kidney injury as compared with VAN or PTZ monotherapy or with the concurrent use of VAN and cefepime or carbapenem, a study reports.
Pearl Toh, 8 hours ago
The oral selective JAK*1 inhibitor abrocitinib is superior to dupilumab for relieving itch and achieving skin clearance in people with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD), according to results from a head-to-head comparison in the JADE DARE trial presented at EADV 2021.
8 hours ago
Combining lenalidomide with R-CHOP* (R2CHOP) yields durable and high rates of treatment response in untreated patient with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), a recent study has found.
10 hours ago
Molecular evidence confirms early renal and vascular damage within the normoalbuminura condition, a recent study has shown.
11 hours ago
Hypertension and diabetes are the major predictors of stroke that must be controlled and treated like other global high-risk populations for stroke prevention, according to a prospective study in India.
13 hours ago
Higher intake of marine n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) exerts no significant protective effect against incident peripheral artery disease (PAD), a recent study has found.
14 hours ago
Posterior-circulation arterial supply and the presence of arteriovenous malformation contribute to an increased risk of perioperative stroke among patients undergoing endovascular therapy, according to a study.
Special Reports
01 Oct 2021
During the recent EMPIRE SUMMIT, Professor Dr Chee Kok Han discussed the importance of an early, patient-centred,multi factorial approach in managing type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM). Specifically, Professor Chee highlighted the role ofempagliflozin (Jardiance®, Boehringer Ingelheim) in conferring cardiorenal protection to patients with T2DM.
01 Oct 2021
Psoriasis is characterised by well-circumscribed, erythematous, scaly plaques and can be categorised as eitherlocalised or generalised, depending on the severity of the disease and its impact on patients’ quality of life. The mainstay of treatment for localised disease includes topical therapy with corticosteroids, calcipotriene and coal tar products, while generalised psoriasis may require more advanced forms of treatment like phototherapy and systemic therapy. In this case study, Dr Preamala Gunabalasingam shares her clinical experience treating.2plaque psoriasis with a combined formulation of betamethasone dipropionate and calcipotriol monohydrate in a single spray foam (Enstilar® Foam, LEO Pharma). 
29 Sep 2021
Edoxaban 30 mg and 60 mg FC tab
29 Sep 2021
Isavuconazole 100 mg hard cap and 200 mg infusion conc
29 Sep 2021
Cabozantinib 60 mg, 40 mg and 20 mg tab
29 Sep 2021
Sevelamer Carbonate 800 mg FC tab
15 Sep 2021
The FreeStyle Libre™ flash glucose monitoring system includes a sensor which automatically measures and continuously stores up to 8 hours of glucose readings, allowing patients to monitor their glucose levels without the need for painful finger pricks. Physicians play an important role in reviewing and analysing glucose data that is available through LibreView to support patient management.
Conference Reports
Roshini Claire Anthony, 15 Oct 2021

Mortality following bariatric surgery is rare but more common in men than women, according to a retrospective study from Austria presented at EASD 2021.

Roshini Claire Anthony, 14 Oct 2021

Baricitinib, an oral, selective Janus kinase (JAK)1/JAK2 inhibitor, may help improve hair growth in patients with severe alopecia areata, according to results from the phase III BRAVE-AA1 and BRAVE-AA2 trials.

Pearl Toh, 14 Oct 2021
For adults with diabetes, increased blood pressure (BP) at night (reverse dipping) was associated with more than double the risk of death compared with those whose BP dipped as expected at night, according to the longitudinal CHAMP1ON study presented at Hypertension 2021.
Audrey Abella, 14 Oct 2021
In hospitalized COVID-19 patients, treatment with the novel GM-CSF* neutralizing monoclonal antibody lenzilumab led to a significant improvement in survival without invasive mechanical ventilation (SWOV), findings from the phase III LIVE-AIR study suggest.
Elaine Soliven, 14 Oct 2021
A single dose of nirsevimab significantly reduced the incidence of medically attended respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-confirmed lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) in healthy infants during their first RSV season, according to the MELODY* study presented at IDWeek 2021.
Elvira Manzano, 14 Oct 2021
The osteoporosis drug alendronate halves the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D) in a nationwide, retrospective, case-control study of nearly 700,000 patients from Denmark.
Roshini Claire Anthony, 13 Oct 2021

Patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) treated with dapagliflozin experienced improvements in symptoms and physical limitations, according to results of the PRESERVED-HF study presented at HFSA 2021.