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Methenamine hippurate as good as antibiotic prophylaxis for recurrent UTI
Elvira Manzano, 5 hours ago
Daily antibiotics are the current guideline-recommended standard for urinary tract infection (UTI). Interestingly, in the randomized, open-label ALTAR trial presented at EAU 2022, the urinary antiseptic methenamine hippurate was noninferior to antibiotic prophylaxis in women with recurrent UTI in the ALTAR trial.
Smoking ups risk of anal HPV infection in men
11 hours ago
Both the prevalence and incidence of anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection are higher among men who are current smokers than among their peers who have never smoked, according to data from the multinational HPV Infection in Men (HIM) study.
Dronedarone matches up to Asians with AF, atrial flutter
Jairia Dela Cruz, 15 hours ago
Asians with atrial fibrillation (AF) or atrial flutter (AFL) do well with dronedarone, which lowers the risk of hospitalization for cardiovascular (CV) events or death from any cause to a similar extent as in non-Asian patients from the ATHENA trial, according to the results of a post hoc analysis.
Poor cardiorespiratory fitness ups risk of mortality
16 hours ago
An inverse, independent, and graded association exists between cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and mortality risk across the spectra of age, sex, and race, a recent study has found. In addition, there is no risk increase seen among extremely fit individuals.
Men with PsA derive more benefit from MTX+ETN therapy than women
Stephen Padilla, 17 hours ago
Combination therapy with methotrexate (MTX) plus etanercept (ETN) results in more improved outcomes in men than in women with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) for minimal disease activity (MDA) and Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity Score (PASDAS), a study has shown.
Transfusion may improve survival in older anaemic patients with myocardial injury
18 hours ago
Blood transfusion appears to result in better 30-day outcomes in older anaemic patients with anaemia-related myocardial injury, according to a study. Hence, troponin levels may be included in decision-making relative to transfusion in this population.
Early switch from exclusive breastfeeding tied to stunting
Tristan Manalac, 20 hours ago
Children born to mothers with lower educational levels appear to be at a higher risk of having compromised growth, according to a recent Indonesia study.
Special Reports
Dengue Serotype and Seroprevalence in Malaysia:
The Malaysian dengue epidemic
from the perspective of serotype
and seropre
01 Aug 2022
In this third interview of a series focused on dengue, Dr Ravindran Thayan, Head of Virology Unit at Institute for Medical Research, discussed the reasons for epidemic outbreaks in Malaysia, and the challenges associated with dengue surveillance and dengue serotypes in Malaysia.
Current Updates on Management of Dry Eye Disease
01 Aug 2022
Dry eye disease (DED) is a multifactorial condition characterized by tear film instability, and results in ocular discomfort and visual disturbance, and may impact patient’s quality of life such as reading and driving at night. The outer most lipid layer of the tear film, formed by the meibum, helps to maintain tear film stability by reducing the rate of tear evaporation. Alteration in the tear lipid layer, because of impaired quality or quantity of the meibum, is one of the most common causes of evaporative DED.
Deep Dive  Into ERNEST STUDY
01 Aug 2022
The recent Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Expert Forum: Deep Dive into ERNEST saw Professor Alessandro M. Vannucchi, professor of hematology at the University of Florence, Italy, present an analysis on the ERNEST registry and study, and the subsequent updated ERNEST study. He delved into the patient cohort, benefits in overall survival and symptoms, and answered the perennial question of whether Jakavi® (ruxolitinib) provides absolute improvements in myelofibrosis (MF) survival.
A new perspective on the management of knee osteoarthritis: Summary of a Malaysian Delphi consensus
01 Jul 2022
The prevalence of OA, which is the most common cause of disability in the aged population, is increasing in Malaysia owing to a combination of risk factors such as older age and obesity. A COPCORD study conducted in Malaysia found that 64.8% of all joint-related complaints were knee related; among patients assessed for knee pain, over half showed clinical evidence of OA. While the 2013 Malaysian CPG on the Management of Osteoarthritis recommends a linear step-up approach in managing knee OA, monotherapy is often inadequate in relieving pain symptoms and functional limitations experienced by patients with arthritis.
Managing Hypertension in Children:
Guidelines and Considerations
01 Jul 2022
In a virtual lecture series sponsored by Viatris, Dr Dolores Bonzon spoke about the importance of blood pressure (BP) control and recommendations for pharmacologic treatment in the management of paediatric hypertension (HTN). She also discussed the diagnosis and treatment of a paediatric patient with HTN from her practice.
01 Jul 2022
At the recent regional Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN): New Horizons, A Cross-Country Webinar supported by Novartis, Dr Francesco Passamonti, professor of haematology, University Hospital Ospedale di Circolo, Fondazione Macchi, Varese, Italy, addressed the current landscape of treatment surrounding Myelofibrosis (MF) and improving survival outcomes.
Care Delayed is Care Denied: Benefits Beyond
Glycaemic Control with a Single Pill Combination
of Empagliflozin and Linaglip
01 Jul 2022
3.9 million Malaysians have diabetes, representing a staggering 1in 5 adults. We also have the highest rate of diabetes in Asia and to compound matters, more than half of them will develop chronic kidney disease (CKD) during their lifetime. The incidence of CKD is also rising relentlessly year after year, evolving rapidly into not only a Malaysian, but a global non-communicable disease pandemic. Progressive CKD may not only lead to end-stage renal disease but markedly increases mortality risks, where this grows more than ten times fold if one happens to have CKD.
Conference Reports
Methenamine hippurate as good as antibiotic prophylaxis for recurrent UTI
Elvira Manzano, 10 Aug 2022
Daily antibiotics are the current guideline-recommended standard for urinary tract infection (UTI). Interestingly, in the randomized, open-label ALTAR trial presented at EAU 2022, the urinary antiseptic methenamine hippurate was noninferior to antibiotic prophylaxis in women with recurrent UTI in the ALTAR trial.
Negative attitude towards MSM living with HIV tied to low knowledge, worry about HIV
Stephen Padilla, 08 Aug 2022
Ignorance and fear of HIV both contribute significantly to the negative attitudes towards men who have sex with men (MSM) living with the virus, suggests a study presented at the 24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022) in Montreal, Canada.
Avelumab benefit may extend to cisplatin-unfit bladder cancer patients
Audrey Abella, 08 Aug 2022
The anti-PD-L1 antibody avelumab demonstrated clinical activity as first-line treatment for patients with metastatic or locally advanced urothelial carcinoma who were PD-L1-positive and ineligible for cisplatin, according to findings from the ARIES trial presented at EAU 2022.
Long-acting injectable HIV drug works for all ages
Jairia Dela Cruz, 07 Aug 2022
The long-acting combination of cabotegravir plus rilpivirine, administered as monthly or once-every-2-months jabs, appears to be effective in both older and younger patients living with HIV, with most maintaining virologic suppression through week 96, according to pooled data from the phase III ATLAS, FLAIR, and ATLAS-2M studies.
HIV intervention uptake remains low among transgender men; campaign helps
Stephen Padilla, 05 Aug 2022
Transgender individuals, particularly transgender men (TGM), show poor acceptance of HIV prevention interventions (HPI) in the Philippines, according to a study presented at the AIDS 2022 conference in Montreal, Canada. Although some transgender individuals who prefer having sex with men make use of HPI, it remains relatively lower among TGM who have sex with men (SM).
One in five women living with HIV engages in drinking, smoking
Tristan Manalac, 05 Aug 2022
Co-occurring and long-term heavy drinking, smoking, and depressive symptoms are common among women living with HIV, according to a study presented at the 24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022). In turn, such sustained syndemics appear to worsen mortality in this population.
Expectant mums’ use of dolutegravir safe for babies
Jairia Dela Cruz, 04 Aug 2022

Treatment with dolutegravir during pregnancy does not appear to pose an excess risk of adverse birth outcomes, according to two studies presented at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal, Canada.