Hypomagnesemia is having a serum magnesium concentration of <1.3 mEq/L.
Patients with mild hypomagnesemia is asymptomatic and have usually a serum Mg >0.5 mmol/L. While those with moderate-severe hypomagnesemia, the patient is symptomatic and have serum Mg <5 mmol/L.
Hypermagnesemia signs and symptoms usually do not appear unless Mg >2 mmol/L (5 mg/dL). It rarely occurs and usually iatrogenic.
Drug Information

Indication: Acute hypomagnesaemia. Prevention of hypomagnesaemia in patients receiving TPN. Prevention & treatment of ...

calcium + fructo-oligosaccharide + magnesium oxide...

Indication: Dietary supplement.

calcium + magnesium + phosphorus + vitamin D3

Indication: Nutritional supplement as a source of Ca for healthy bones.

calcium + magnesium + vitamin D
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