Treatment Guideline Chart

Hepatitis A route of transmission is through oral-fecal route while in hepatitis E, aside from the oral-fecal route, it is also transmitted through blood transfusion in endemic areas.

Hepatitis A incubation period is 15-50 days and hepatitis E incubation period is 15-60 days.

Hepatitis A & E viruses cause epidemics.


Hepatitis%20a%20-and-%20e Patient Education

Patient Education

Partner Notification

  • Partner notification should be performed for at-risk sexual contacts (oral/anal, digital/rectal, and penetrative anal sex) within 2 weeks before to 1 week after the onset of jaundice

Patient Education

  • Provide the patient with a detailed explanation of his condition
    • Provide clear, accurate, written information
  • Advise patient to take adequate rest, nutrition and fluids during the course of the illness and alcohol intake should be avoided 
  • Patients must avoid food handling and unprotected sexual intercourse until they become noninfectious because transmission of hepatitis A is mainly by the oral-fecal route
  • Screen for other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) in cases of sexually-acquired hepatitis or if otherwise appropriate


  • Measures to provide clean drinking water, protecting the water supply from fecal contamination, and proper sewage disposal should be given priority in endemic areas
  • Avoid eating raw pork, venison and shellfish; cooking meat at >185°F or >85°C for 1 minute may help kill hepatitis viruses
  • Good hand hygiene should also be observed
  • When traveling, avoid consumption of contaminated water, ice or foods
    • Drink only purified water when traveling; boiled or chlorinated water may also be considered
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