Headache is a very common problem presenting to primary care physicians and neurologists.
Most headaches are diagnosed based on the history & physical exam w/ no imaging or laboratory examination necessary.
Other types of headaches such as secondary headaches may require further evaluation & referral to a specialist.

Patient Education

  • Education about the nature of the headache and reassurance that this is a common headache disorder which is not related to serious underlying disease should be given to the the patients
  • Reassurance is important and often effective on its own and should never be omitted
  • Explain the risk of medication overuse headache to patients who are undergoing acute treatment
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Although the conversion rate of ocular (OMG) to generalized (GMG) myasthenia gravis in Asian patients is low, thymoma and acetylcholine receptor (AchR) antibodies as well as positivity in repetitive nerve stimulation (RNS) studies all predict such generalization, a recent Singapore study has shown.