Treatment Guideline Chart
Acute gastroenteritis is a diarrheal disease of rapid onset.
Viruses are one of the common causes of acute gastroenteritis.
Rotavirus, norovirus/"Norwalk-like" virus, sapovirus, enteric adenovirus serotypes 40 and 41, astrovirus, calicivirus and enterovirus are the established viral agents causing gastroenteritis.
Rotavirus is the most common pathogen causing diarrhea in patients 3-24 months old.
Patients <3 months old are protected by maternal rotavirus antibodies that are passed transplacentally and possibly by breastfeeding.
Transmission is through fecal-oral route.

Gastroenteritis%20-%20viral Patient Education

Patient/Parent Education

  • Viral gastroenteritis is contagious, hence asymptomatic patients are advised not to play with infected patients
  • Appropriate sanitation measures (eg handwashing, housekeeping) should be observed at all times
  • Careful food preparation and food and drinking water storage measures should be done
  • Appropriate measures in changing and disposal of diaper (eg separate diaper changing from food preparation areas, properly sanitized diaper changing area)
  • Fomites should also be disinfected as viral spread from these objects has been reported
  • Advise patients not to take carbonated drinks and sweetened fruit juices for rehydration as these may result in osmotic diarrhea; intake of plain water in large amounts also for rehydration may result in hyponatremia and hypoglycemia
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