Treatment Guideline Chart
Diarrhea is a change in normal bowel movements characterized by increase in frequency, water content or volume of stools. The usual stool output is 10 g/kg/day.
Acute diarrhea lasts ≤14 days while chronic diarrhea lasts >14 days.
Infectious diarrhea is usually associated with symptoms of nausea and vomiting and abdominal cramps.

Gastroenteritis%20-%20bacterial Patient Education

Patient Education

  • Bacterial gastroenteritis is contagious
  • Good hygiene (eg handwashing and housekeeping) is needed especially during outbreaks
    • Handwashing should also be observed in caregivers having contact with patient’s feces to minimize potential transmission
  • Early refeeding with age-appropriate foods is beneficial
  • Breastfeeding in young children helps decrease the incidence of acute gastroenteritis and hospital admissions from diarrhea 
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