Treatment Guideline Chart

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain and maintain an erection enough to have satisfactory sexual performance for ≥3 months.

It is when the patient complains of partial erection that could not attain vaginal penetration.

Complete loss of penile rigidity is uncommon.

Initial penile erections can penetrate but early detumescence occurs without ejaculation.

Erectile%20dysfunction Treatment

Surgical Intervention

Penile Vascular Surgery

  • Arterial reconstructive surgery should be considered only in healthy men with recently acquired erectile dysfunction due to a focal arterial occlusion in the absence of a generalized vascular disease

Penile Drug Delivery (Implanted) Devices

  • May be tried before standard implants are used if erection is possible with pharmacological injection

Penile Implants

  • Considered final treatment for erectile dysfunction patients and should be reserved for patients who have failed other treatments
  • Irreversible and highly invasive
  • When performed by experienced surgeon has been associated with high rate of patient satisfaction
  • May have surgical complications and mechanical failure
  • Available classes of penile implants are inflatable (2- and 3- piece) and malleable devices
  • Surgical approaches include penoscrotal and infrapubic
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