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Pearl Toh, 2 days ago
The large, phase III FIGARO-DKD trial strengthen the evidence on cardiovascular benefit (CV) of the nonsteroidal mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) antagonist finerenone, in addition to its renal benefit, across a wide spectrum of patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Professor Dr Chan Siew Pheng


3 days ago
One of the fastest-growing health crises facing our nation is the widely discussed chronic noncommunicable disease (NCD) known as diabetes.
3 days ago
Individuals with types 1 (T1D) and 2 diabetes (T2D) mellitus who adhere to a Mediterranean dietary pattern are at lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and microvascular complications, including diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy, a study has found.
4 days ago
Among postmenopausal women, diabetes status is correlated with an increased risk of subsequent glaucoma, a recent Korea study has found.
Pearl Toh, 5 days ago
Children with asthma are less likely to respond to inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) if they also happen to obese or overweight, suggests a study presented at ERS 2021.
Tristan Manalac, 5 days ago
Despite the high uptake of diabetes-related technologies, glucose control seems to remain suboptimal in young people with type 1 diabetes, with more than 60 percent failing to reach the target glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) level, according to a recent Norway study.
20 Sep 2021
Thyroid disease-related symptoms do not occur more frequently in patients with a thyroid function test suggesting subclinical hypothyroidism compared to those with euthyroidism, a study has shown.
Special Reports
15 Sep 2021
The FreeStyle Libre™ flash glucose monitoring system includes a sensor which automatically measures and continuously stores up to 8 ours of glucose readings, allowing patients to monitor their glucose levels without the need for painful finger pricks. Physicians play an important role in reviewing and analysing glucose data that is available through LibreView to support patient management.
26 Aug 2021
Technological advancements have improved glucose monitoring and diabetes care, as well as empowered patients in self-care. The introduction of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM), such as the Abbott FreeStyle LibreTM, offers patients an alternative and additional advantages to self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG).
06 May 2021
In a webinar held on 27 March 2021, paediatric endocrinology nurses Karen Blair, Kate Davies, and Siti Zarina Yaakop shared insights and clinical experience based on their frontline roles in caring for patients with central precocious puberty (CPP) and supporting their family members.
12 Mar 2021
Chronic coronary syndrome (CCS) remains a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. The dual goals of CCS management is to prevent future cardiac events, such as myocardial infarction and death, and to reduce ischaemia and relieve angina symptoms, says Prof Peter Yan, consultant cardiologist and medical director, Peter Yan Cardiology Clinic, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore, during a Servier-sponsored virtual symposium.
Roshini Claire Anthony, 13 Nov 2020

Diabetes is a key risk factor for heart failure (HF), which is the leading cause of hospitalization in patients with or without diabetes. SGLT-2* inhibitors (SGLT-2is) have been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization for HF (HHF) regardless of the presence or absence of diabetes.

Roshini Claire Anthony, 05 Nov 2020

Adding empagliflozin to recommended therapy in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) reduced the risk of HF hospitalization and slowed renal function decline, the EMPEROR-Reduced* trial showed.

26 Oct 2020

An estimated 463 million adults – about one in 11 – had diabetes in 2019. These numbers are expected to rise to 700 million by 2045. Worse, one in two people are undiagnosed. [https://www.idf.org/, accessed 19 October 2020]

Conference Reports
Pearl Toh, 31 Jul 2021
The dual SGLT1/2* inhibitor sotagliflozin significantly lowers the risk of the composite outcome of cardiovascular (CV) deaths, hospitalizations for heart failure (HHF), and urgent visits for heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and chronic kidney disease (CKD), regardless of albuminuria status, according to the SCORED trial presented at ADA 2021.
Roshini Claire Anthony, 30 Jul 2021

In patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), once-weekly doses of the dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide–GLP-1* receptor agonist tirzepatide for 40 weeks resulted in superior HbA1c reductions compared with the GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide, according to results from the phase III SURPASS-2** trial presented at ADA 2021.

Roshini Claire Anthony, 23 Jul 2021

In patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) with cardiovascular (CV) risk factors or impaired kidney function, weekly doses of the exendin-based GLP-1* receptor agonist (RA) efpeglenatide may reduce their risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) or kidney outcomes, according to findings from the AMPLITUDE-O trial presented at ADA 2021.

Audrey Abella, 22 Jul 2021
Phase II data presented at ADA 2021 showed the potential of the GRA* volagidemab to improve glycaemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D).
Elaine Soliven, 21 Jul 2021
Ertugliflozin significantly improves glycaemic outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) who have stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to a subgroup analysis of the VERTIS CV* trial presented at ADA 2021.
Audrey Abella, 19 Jul 2021
In drug-naïve Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), treatment with the first-in-class, glucose sensitizer dorzagliatin led to sustained glycaemic control, according to updated findings from the 52-week phase III SEED* study presented at ADA 2021.
Pearl Toh, 16 Jul 2021
Once-daily iGlarLixi is superior to twice-daily premixed biphasic insulin aspart 30 (BIAsp 30) in glycaemic control and reducing body weight, along with less risk of hypoglycaemia, in patients with suboptimally controlled type 2 diabetes (T2D) despite treatment with basal insulin plus oral antihyperglycaemic drugs (OADs), according to the SoliMix trial presented at ADA 2021.