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14 Oct 2017
It appears that nearly every resident in institutional long-term care is affected by at least one dermatological condition, with dermatological findings ranging from highly prevalent xerosis and cutaneous infection to skin cancer, according to a study.
06 Jun 2016

The recent Paediatrics in Practice (PIP) 2016 held recently in Selangor was a success. On top of the launch of a locally published atlas, the conference also featured the introduction of DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association), various presentations, a workshop and panel discussion on paediatric skin diseases by prominent specialists such as Dr. Tang Jyh Jong, Dr. Tan Wooi Chiang, Dr. Chan Lee Chin, Dr. Sabeera Begum and Dr. Leong Kin Fon. MIMS Doctor spoke to Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw, paediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist and Leong, a consultant paediatric dermatologist at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital about the PIP workshop and their thoughts on the atlas.

18 Oct 2017
The use of tissue sealants appears to reduce wound drainage and prevent haematomas after face-lift surgery, according to a meta-analysis.
01 Jun 2016
Dabrafenib/ trametinib is a safe and more effective treatment than dabrafenib or vemurafenib alone for unresectable or metastatic melanoma with BRAF(V600) mutation, a review states.