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Nomacopan shows therapeutic potential in older patients with bullous pemphigoid
2 days ago
The C5 and leukotriene B4 inhibitor nomacopan helps suppress acute flares in older patients with bullous pemphigoid, according to the results of a phase IIa study.
Handheld device can spot skin cancers without requiring biopsy
Jairia Dela Cruz, 3 days ago
A compact device that incorporates high-resolution millimetre-wave imaging (HR-MMWI) can diagnose malignant skin lesions as accurately as clinical examination and other detection techniques, potentially cutting the number of unnecessary biopsies in half, as reported in a study.
Upadacitinib for atopic dermatitis may trigger mild, moderate acne
3 days ago
Upadacitinib treatment for atopic dermatitis (AD) may cause acne as a side effect, though this is usually only mild or moderate in severity and can be managed by topical intervention, reports a recent study.
Bimekizumab triumphs in bDMARD-naïve psoriatic arthritis patients
Roshini Claire Anthony, 6 days ago

Patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) with no prior exposure to biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) experience improvements in their condition when treated with bimekizumab, according to results of the phase III BE OPTIMAL trial.

Vunakizumab safe, effective in moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis
6 days ago
Treatment with vunakizumab, a novel interleukin 17A monoclonal antibody, shows promise for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis and good tolerability, according to the results of a recent study.
Active tea catechin eases radiation burns
6 days ago
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a catechin that is most potent and abundant in tea, is a potential skin care solution in patients receiving radiotherapy, with a phase II study showing that it helps reduce the incidence and severity of radiation-induced dermatitis.
Adjuvant radiation halves recurrence risk in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
19 Jun 2022
Adjuvant radiation (ART) after a clear margin surgery reduces the risk of local recurrence and locoregional recurrence in patients with high T-stage cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas, reports a recent study.
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Product Highlight - Canespro
15 Jun 2022
Bifonazole Anti-Fungal Cream 1% w/w
Product Highlight - RELIZEMA
16 Jun 2021
Furfuryl Palmitate
Expert consensus: Patient profile should guide antihistamine choice in primary care setting
10 Dec 2019
Oral H1-antihistamines are the initial treatment of choice for allergic rhinitis (AR) and chronic urticaria in the primary care setting. However, in a diverse population of patients with AR and urticaria, primary care physicians are faced with the challenge of prescribing the best therapy amid a wide armamentarium of antihistamines available.
Antihistamine therapy for allergic rhinitis and urticaria: An Asia-Pacific perspective
01 Nov 2018
The prevalence of allergic diseases in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to rise over the next 20 years, driven by rapid economic development and urbanization. Allergic diseases have high socioeconomic impact by impairing productivity and quality of life, and the impact may be greater in Asia-Pacific than in Europe due to the presence and predominance of perennial allergens.
Improving Medical Practice through Advancement in Clinical Treatment: IMPACT Aesthetics & Suturing Workshop 2018
Dr. Steven Ang, Dr. Leo Kah Woon, 11 Jul 2018
DCH Auriga recently held their first Aesthetics and Suturing Workshop under the IMPACT continuing medical education series – a scientific platform that aims to cascade the latest updates on disease management and share best clinical practices among healthcare professionals in Singapore. Two experts on aesthetics and aesthetic surgery shared their insights on suturing techniques and current approaches for scar prevention and management.
Cochrane review confirms Atopiclair efficacy in eczema
22 Dec 2017
Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that can present in many different forms. However, it is principally characterized by dry skin, intense itching, and the presence of inflammatory skin lesions. [J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2016;30:604-618; N Engl J Med 2008;358:1483-1494; Lancet 2016;387:1109-1122]
Conference Reports
Baricitinib may improve hair regrowth in alopecia areata
Roshini Claire Anthony, 02 May 2022

A once-daily dose of oral baricitinib may encourage hair regrowth in patients with severe alopecia areata, according to results of the phase III BRAVE-AA studies presented at AAD 2022.

Dupilumab stops the itch, clears skin lesions in phase III trial
Elvira Manzano, 29 Apr 2022
The human monoclonal IgG4 antibody dupilumab effectively treats prurigo nodularis (PN), including itching and skin lesions, weeks after treatment in the phase III randomized, double-blind, LIBERTY-PN PRIME2 trial. Hopefully, this brings relief to patients suffering from uncontrolled PN.
Roflumilast cream reduces psoriasis severity
Elaine Soliven, 27 Apr 2022
Using a topical roflumilast cream to treat patients with chronic plaque psoriasis yields a significant improvement in disease severity, achieving a clear or almost clear IGA* status, based on a pooled analysis of the DERMIS-1** and DERMIS-2*** studies presented at AAD 2022.
Cutaneous reactions after 1st COVID-19 vaccine dose no reason to forgo 2nd dose
Elvira Manzano, 27 Apr 2022
Skin reactions to the first COVID-19 vaccine in some individuals shouldn’t be a reason to leave out the second dose, or a scheduled booster if tolerable, according to an analysis presented at AAD 2022.
Ruxolitinib cream improves repigmentation in patients with vitiligo
Elaine Soliven, 09 Nov 2021
The application of ruxolitinib cream led to significant improvements in facial and total body repigmentation among adolescents and adults with vitiligo, according to two phase III studies presented at EADV 2021.
Ritlecitinib prevents hair loss in patchy baldness
Pearl Toh, 22 Oct 2021
The oral selective Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) inhibitor ritlecitinib effectively prevents hair loss in people with alopecia areata (AA) compared with placebo, according to the ALLEGRO study presented at EADV 2021.
Elaine Soliven, 22 Oct 2021
Maintenance treatment with bimekizumab achieves complete scalp, palmoplantar, or nail clearance in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, according to two phase III trials presented at EADV 2021.
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