Cancer pain is an unpleasant sensory & emotional experience due to actual or potential tissue damage in patients with cancer.
Effective pain management in cancer patients with pain is an essential part of oncologic management due to increasing evidence of survival.
Pancreatic, head & neck cancer has a high prevalence of cancer pain.
During initial evaluation, follow-ups and new therapy initiation of patients with cancer, it is essential that they will be screened & evaluated for pain.
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At the recent forum “Improving Access to Affordable Cancer Treatments in Malaysia”, the issue of treatment costs was discussed by panellists from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and pharmaceutical industry representatives.

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Aspirin use is associated with a lower risk of glioma, according to data from the Glioma International Case-Control Study.
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Supplementation with folic acid and vitamin B12 potentially contributes to an increased risk of colorectal cancer, according to data from the B Vitamins for the Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures (B-PROOF) trial.