Bronchiectasis is an irreversible pathologic dilatation or ectasia of the bronchi due to repeated airway infection and inflammation.
It enhances susceptibility to bronchial infection and increases inflammatory reaction which causes further lung damage.
Classic symptoms of of bronchiectasis are cough with chronic sputum production along with recurring infective exacerbations and hemoptysis.

Bronchiectasis Patient Education

Patient Education

  • Encourage patient to stop smoking & avoid secondhand smoke
  • Promote the exposure to fresh air
  • Patient should have adequate nutritional intake with supplementation, if needed
  • Advocate the patient to exercise regularly
    • Quality of life & exercise endurance is improved with inspiratory muscle training
  • Recommend immunizations for influenza & pneumococcal pneumonia
  • Confirm immunizations for measles, rubeola & pertussis
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