Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis which is notable for open and/or closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflammatory lesions including papules, pustules or nodules.
Mild acne has <20 comedones or <15 inflammatory lesions or <30 total lesion count.
Moderate acne has 20-100 comedones or 15-20 inflammatory lesions or 30-125 total lesion count.
Severe papules/pustules or nodulocystic acne is the acne resistant to topical treatment or if scarring/nodular lesions are present.
Drug Information

Indication: Foaming wash: Pimple & acne control. Medicated lotion: Antibacterial lotion for non-inflamed & inflame...

Indication: Acne vulgaris, especially during inflammed papulopustulary phase.

Indication: Prevention of pregnancy. Moderate acne vulgaris not controlled by conventional therapy (eg, topical prep &...

Indication: Prevention of pregnancy.

Indication: Prevention of pregnancy.

QV Flare Up Bath Oil
benzalkonium chloride + liquid paraffin + triclosa...

Indication: Adjunctive treatment of recurrent eczema in which secondary Staph aureus infection is major & frequent pro...

Indication: Acne vulgaris.

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