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25 days ago
In patients with nocturnal urgency secondary to overactive bladder (OAB) and low nocturnal bladder capacity, a mismatch between nocturnal urine production and bladder capacity may predict response to treatment with fesoterodine, according to a study. Symptom improvement appears to be mediated by increases in typical rather than maximum nocturnal voided volumes and be associated with improved quality of life.
one month ago
Compared with subcapsular orchiectomy, 24-week depot triptorelin injections significantly reduce testosterone levels, according to a Danish study.
22 days ago
Older patients with overactive bladder (OAB) appear to have increased frailty compared with individuals seeking care for other nononcologic urologic diagnosis, with frailty being a significant predictor of OAB, a study has found.
19 days ago
The quantity of uric acid stones has significantly increased in recent decades, according to a recent study. There are proportionately more female calcium stone formers but not uric acid stone formers with time. Furthermore, the most prominent factor distinguishing uric acid from calcium stones is urinary pH.