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15 Apr 2016
Addition of digoxin to an ACE inhibitor lessens heart failure (HF) hospitalisation in HF patients with reduced ejection fraction, regardless of diabetes status, as presented in an analysis of the Digitalis Investigation Group trial.
08 Sep 2017
Prediagnostic statin exposure appears to be associated with a significant reduction in breast cancer-specific mortality, with the survival benefit being more pronounced in women with oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive tumours, according to a study.
01 Sep 2017
Complementary medicines can play an important part in maintaining wellness, preventing deficiencies and optimizing health outcomes, says Dr Lesley Braun PhD, Director of the Blackmores Institute. 
06 Aug 2017
A recent study has shown the safety, efficacy and tolerance of fluoxetine for hypochondriasis. Moreover, joint treatment with both fluoxetine and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) confers a small incremental benefit over a single active treatment.