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one year ago
Immediate delivery at 36 weeks has shown to be an ideal delivery approach for women with intrahepatic cholestasis, according to a literature review.
6 months ago

Associate Professor Ng Lee Ching, Director of the Environmental Health Institute (EHI) at the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore, speaks about the role of primary care physicians and government agencies in preventing dengue epidemics.

4 days ago
Venlafaxine (VLX) appears to be effective and well-tolerated in patients with neuropathic pain, according to the results of a literature review.
2 months ago
New drug applications approved by US FDA as of 1 - 15 April 2017 which includes New Molecular Entities (NMEs) and new biologics. It does not include Tentative Approvals. Supplemental approvals may have occurred since the original approval date.