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05 Feb 2016

Oral supplementation with multiple micronutrients, iron, and folic acid during pregnancy improve birth outcome among women in low-and middle-income countries where micronutrient deficiencies are prevalent. This should replace single nutrient iron and folic acid supplementation, a recent review has shown. 

01 Mar 2014
Acute rhinosinusitis is caused by various microorganisms. This study looks into the most prevalent pathogen causing this disease.
01 May 2014

Swollen red cheeks and gums, irritability and restlessness are all signs a baby could be experiencing the painful process of teething.

Kavitha G. Shekar, 30 Nov 2015
Free tongue movement in preverbal infants influences their speech perception, say Canadian researchers. This challenges existing theories on language acquisition, which assume perceptual capabilities as influencers of speech development.