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2 years ago

Although epidemiological studies have linked low dietary calcium intake with preeclampsia, current guidelines recommend supplementation with 1.5–2 g/day, which may be risky as this level of supplementation exceeds the recommended daily allowance of 1–1.3 g/day. However, a recent systematic review suggests that supplementation with lower doses of calcium (<1 g/day) may be sufficient to reduce the risk.

Radha Chitale, 3 years ago

Just two of the recommended three doses of human papillomavirus virus (HPV) vaccine may be enough to reduce the risk of condyloma (genital warts) infections and potentially the risk of cervical cancer, a Swedish study has shown.

2 years ago
Anogenital warts, a common sexually transmitted disease, can be effectively cleared with topical nitric oxide delivered using acidified nitrate, according to a multinational group of researchers
Roshini Claire Anthony, one year ago
Emotional stress in late pregnancy exerts a negative impact on offspring’s motor development, according to a recent study.