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Radha Chitale, one year ago
MSD Pharma (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has partnered with local cancer and paediatric societies on a campaign to raise awareness about human papilloma virus (HPV) – the most common risk factor for cervical cancer – and the option to get vaccinated.
2 years ago
Trastuzumab emtansine provided greater overall survival improvement than capecitabine-lapatinib therapy in HER2-positive advanced breast cancer patients with treated, asymptomatic CNS metastases at baseline, according to the phase III EMILIA study.
Dr. Joslyn Ngu, 2 years ago
Screening for cervical cancer remains more critical than that for endometrial and ovarian cancers, says a specialist.
one year ago
Bone mineral density/trabecular bone score was lower in women aged 25-93 years who “look old" than in those who “look young,” according to a cross-sectional study.