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Jackey Suen, 11 days ago

Clinicians often face the dilemma of overinvestigating headaches caused by benign ailments and overlooking headaches that are manifestations of serious underlying conditions, despite advances in diagnostic techniques.

Tristan Manalac, 28 days ago
The overall diagnostic value of neurological tests for detecting disc herniation with suspected radiculopathy is limited and is characterized by poor accuracy, moderate specificity and low sensitivity, reports a new meta-analysis.
one year ago
Both carbamazepine and valproate do not increase cardiovascular risks in epileptic children on long-term monotherapy and three months following discontinuation of drug based on results of a study.
Dr. Joslyn Ngu, one year ago
A nationwide study showed that one in four persons had presentations of early nerve damage, while a survey in the Klang Valley found it occurred in one in two adults above the age of 21 years.