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Jairia Dela Cruz, 20 days ago
Statins appear to have a dose-dependent association with the risk of tuberculosis (TB), with a nationwide population-based study showing that statin users have 47 percent lower incidence of TB compared with nonusers.
29 days ago
At a recent lunch symposium during the 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Malaysian Society of Hypertension, Dr Chow Yok Wai spoke on the importance of patient adherence in the management of hypertension, highlighting the role of combination therapy in improving treatment outcomes.
Pearl Toh, 2 days ago
Individuals with high fasting plasma glucose (FPG) lost more weight than those who had low FPG in response to a high-fibre, low glycaemic load diet, suggesting that FPG could be used as a biomarker to predict dietary weight loss success and to guide selection of the most effective diet, in particular for those with prediabetes and diabetes, according to studies presented at ADA 2017.
4 days ago
Mesalazine is not superior to placebo in terms of preventing recurrence in patients with diverticulitis, according to data from two phase III trials.