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Pank Jit Sin, 2 years ago
Diagnosis and treatment of NAFLD isn’t always precise, but new developments are helping to pave the way for better management of the disease, shares a panel of experts. 
3 years ago
Treatment with low-dose on-demand hepatitis B immunoglobulin added to entecavir led to decreased hepatitis B virus (HBV) recurrence rate without development of resistance following liver transplantation, according to an assessment of a pilot study.
one year ago
Sanofi’s approach in providing medical education has evolved over the years, by not only limiting the content to disease management and patient outcomes, but also taking into consideration of the various challenges faced by doctors across the different sectors. 
3 years ago

Excerpted from a speech by Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health, at the launch of the new palliative care symbol and palliative care photography exhibition by Hospis Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 25 April