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11 Aug 2017
Eating red meat may lead to cardiovascular (CV) target organ damage over a 4-year period, according to a recent study involving hypertensive American Indians.
16 Aug 2017
In targeted temperature management (TTM) postcardiac arrest, tighter temperature control is achieved with internal than external cooling, a study has shown. Moreover, internal cooling potentially results in better survival-to-hospital discharge outcomes and reduces cardiac arrhythmia complications in carefully selected patients as compared with normothermia.
01 May 2015
A randomised, blinded study demonstrated the dissociation between apixaban concentration and Fridericia corrected change from baseline QTc in healthy participants.
Christina Lau, 31 Aug 2015

A new high-sensitivity troponin I assay with a lower cut-off substantially shortens triage time to 1 hour and reduces mortality for patients presenting to emergency departments with chest pain, a study presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2015 in London, UK has shown.